AMINAT® is the range of products based on LAE® for applications in the cosmetic industry (INCI name: Ethyl lauroyl arginate HCl).

The innocuousness of LAE® in conjunction with its remarkable antimicrobial features makes LAE® a product with wide application within the cosmetics preservation field.

LAE® has unique advantages over most of the currently cosmetic preservatives because it is an environmentally friendly product being certificated for sustainable production process according to the twelve principles of Green Chemistry.

Other prestigious certifications have been achieved: ECOCERT, COSMOS, NATRUE.

LAE® combines a high antimicrobial efficacy with innocuousness, non-sensitizing and non-skin irritating features. It can provide smoothness to skin and hair because of its cationic nature.

AMINAT®-G is a multifunctional innovative product that can be used by the formulators as a preservative in personal care products (creams, lotions, body milks and hair conditioners) and as an active ingredient in soaps, antidandruff shampoos, deodorants and oral care products.

AMINAT®-CB is a formulation of LAE® mixed with other organic solvents for cosmetic products.




Make-up removers, facial creams (moisturising or treatment), body milks, sunscreens and hand creams.

AMINAT® provides a high protection against a wide spectrum of microorganisms.




Rinse-off and leave-on hair conditioners and 2 in 1 shampoos.

AMINAT® preserves the formulation and increases the hair conditioning ability of the formulation.



Wet wipes


AMINAT® can be used as a preservative, and additionally it provides an antiseptic effect and a conditioning effect on the skin.



Deodorants and antiperspirants

AMINAT® can be used as a preservative or as an active ingredient.

The cationic nature of LAE® might provide additional benefits for this application, such as emulsifying ability and smoothing ability on the skin.



Mouthwash and toothpaste

AMINAT® reduces the bacterial plaque and the gingivitis thanks to the control of the bacterial flora and the anti-attachment effect.

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